Good software should make your business better. That’s fundamental to everything we do at five one two.
We make it easier for people – your staff, customers, suppliers, contractors – to get things done. In short, we help you solve the unusual, complex business problems that make your business unique.

And here's how...
Good software should just work
It shouldn't depend where the data is coming from, or how people access it.

five one two creates truly enterprise grade software that works. For everyone. Everywhere.

The experienced, flexible, highly-skilled team creates highly usable, technically robust software to build upon the ideas, knowledge and expertise of the company’s founders.

User experience
We design software with your user's experience in mind.

This is a fundamental part of our process and ensures the system is suited to your users, whoever they may be.


This UX focus is first and foremost coupled with great visual design, after all, there’s no reason that software can’t look good.

Technology agnostic

We’re technology agnostic. We develop software using the technologies that suit you. We use the programming languages you can support. And we create systems your users can access – wherever they are, whatever they’re doing and however they’re trying to do it.

We help you to make your business better, easier and more efficient.

Whether you need to create a new system or improve an existing one, five one two can help with the entire process – or even just a single part of it. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you make your business better.

We use Agile Methodologies to develop and deliver our software. This means we…
Plan carefully
Before we start work we make very clear what you want to achieve, what’s possible, how we’ll do it and when we’ll do it by. We’ll normally show you wireframes, visual concepts and even prototypes to help you understand how the solution will work and what it will look like.
Work fast and update you frequently
Instead of a long wait for a lot of changes, we’ll frequently update you with progress and let you view this through access to development versions of the software.
Easily adapt to change
Our iterative approach to development enables us to quickly and easily adapt to any changes you require – even very late-on in the project.
We want our relationship with you to be an ongoing partnership, not a one-off transaction. We want to work with you to make your business better.

The more we get to know you and your business, the more we can help. Sometimes it takes an objective outsider to spot solutions for problems you may not even have known existed.


The longer we work together the better our relationship becomes – but we realise that can only result from us delivering high-quality software. So we do.


We are open, honest and clear with you. We set your expectations and deliver on them, on-time and on-budget. If there is a problem, we tell you what it is and how we’re fixing it.

A crack team
five one two comprises of a dedicated team of over 240 creative and technical specialists with wide-ranging, flexible skills in creative design, software development, user experience, business analysis, systems architecture, testing and project management. Everything you need, in fact, to guarantee a high quality software solution.

The principles and processes at five one two are based on the founders’ knowledge and experience. You can read more about the backgrounds of Rob Lendon and Chris Goodall.