A real-time BlackBerry price quoting application
The problem: ICAP needed to stream real-time, secure data to Blackberry smartphones. ICAP provides post-trade risk mitigation and information services as part of its role as the world’s leading voice and electronic inter dealer broker. They have more than 4,500 staff operating from over 32 centres world-wide.
Both staff and clients need up-to-the-second information and a native Blackberry app was an important step in ensuring delivery. five one two were asked to develop the app.

Security challenges

Time is money in the finance and trading world.

There could be no opening and closing of connections – a constant open channel was required to ensure the data was supplied in real-time to the user. Our close relationship with BlackBerry and the experience and expertise of our in-house staff meant we were able to safely and securely solve these issues.

Planning and design

Any software which deals with critical data needs to give a feeling of confidence and quality.

The user interface design was a critical part of this project, even though it could have been tempting to focus entirely on the security and data feed issues we had to face. The five one two team designed and developed a sleek, modern interface that was easy to use and allowed users to quickly and easily access the information needed. The app needed to function easily and immediately – there would be no instruction manuals or training seminars accompanying installation.


The software was created as a native BlackBerry application written in J2ME using the BlackBerry mobile APIs – important for security. Native applications provide a more robust solution, which was an important part of this project.

An important factor in development was compatibility across the large range of BlackBerry devices (Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm and Torch etc.) – it simply had to work on all of them. Our dedicated developers and comprehensive testing facilities meant this was not a problem, and we are also able to monitor and adjust for future handset and software releases.

As with all projects we applied our Agile methodologies framework: ensuring the client was frequently updated with progress through access to development versions. This meant that any problems were quickly identified and easy to fix – instead of having to make major changes near to the end of the project we simply made minor adjustments as the project developed.


ICAP already had its own infrastructure for data management and handling – we had to ensure a seamless integration with their existing systems.

Stock pricing data from the ICAP traders and middle office was streamed to the mobile device platform in real time. We integrated with backend data services (within ICAP’s secure infrastructure) based on Reuters technology, a fairly common platform within capital markets institutions for pricing and trading data.


BlackBerry were very impressed with our work.

We solved problems they had never had to encounter before and five one two received a Strategic Alliance Partnership Award.

The app received widespread usage and approval both within ICAP and from its clients.