Riviera Travel
Tour Manager Scheduling Tool
Riviera Travel have over 200 Tour Managers for their river cruises and escorted tours they provide worldwide – established for over 30 years, their continued growth made them aware of a need to embrace technology to ensure they could maintain – and even improve – their excellent levels of service to both travellers and Tour Managers.
Being the best is not just about getting it right once – it’s about getting it right all of the time and understanding what problems may occur in the future and need to be addressed. Good management understands that problem, and good software solves it.

In their constant focus on efficiency, Riviera Travel noticed that staff were spending ever-increasing amounts of time working on the schedules and the problem that was only going to get worse as sales and turnover increased. Tour Managers had to submit their schedules on paper which had to then be typed up. Not just a significant time investment, but also increasing the risk of human error.

Expenses, debriefs, lost property and incident reports were all previously submitted physically in the past, which had worked well but was increasingly becoming an administrative burden. A more efficient solution was required to enable ongoing business growth.

Riviera Travel talked to five one two about how to improve and automate the scheduling and availability system. Our response was an easy-to-understand calendar which allowed Tour Managers themselves to log in and update their availability at the click of a mouse – a click and drag interface which is easy to get to grips with makes it easy for them to confirm when they are and aren’t available to work.

The software is totally device independent – it can be accessed from desktops, tablets and mobiles meaning the Tour Managers can even keep things up-to-date during some down-time as their boat cruises down the river.

A second key feature was integration with legacy systems to improve efficiency all round. For the software to be completely trusted by all users, it was critical for the data in the system to be completely accurate. five one two accomplished this successfully by developing a system which worked seamlessly with all existing software.

The system works extremely well, and has further improved the already market-leading efficiency of Riviera Travel. Tour Managers and internal staff have all easily integrated the software into their daily life and the worry about future logistical problems has been eliminated.

The Tour Manager automatically receives PDF receipts / copies of all relevant correspondence – more time and money saving.

As a result five one two have been asked to provide ongoing support and maintenance for other systems for Riviera Travel, including their e-commerce platform, and also provide consultancy to internal development teams.