User experience
Teleflorist came to five one two with a problem: they were getting lots of website traffic but not many orders and wanted to build a system to change that.

The largest florist membership network in the UK were keenly aware their activities had a direct impact on their members: if Teleflorist didn’t make sales, they risked losing members to other networks.

Considerable investment had been made into digital platforms, but the returns were poor. five one two were tasked with maximising the potential of the online channel in order to:

– Increase conversion rates
– Increase the average order value
– Increase repeat custom
– Evolve and develop the brand into a progressive, consumer-focussed one

We started by undertaking a complete consumer research programme on Teleflorist’s behalf, covering areas including:

– User testing – an eight-month process of testing wireframes, sketches and Photoshop mockups right through to full working demos
– Call centre listening
– Observing purchase behaviour in florists and supermarkets

Using this information five one two developed a solid understanding of purchase behaviour and, crucially, why customers didn’t make purchases. After learning what the problems were we set about solving them and developed complete wireframes for the consumer site along with visuals for the look, feel and tone of an interim site.

Conversion rates immediately doubled as a direct result of five one two’s work.